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Rapid and efficient transportation networks are vital for modern society. We rely on transport systems to work, even when exposed to the harshest elements. Connectors intended for use in transportation environments need to be designed with these tough conditions in mind. 

Designing for Transportation.


In addition to harsh conditions, safety is of critical importance to the transportation industry. The rail and heavy transportation industries need to provide the safest possible environment for passengers and other network users.

For this reason, regulations reduce the number of flammable materials used in vehicles, especially when considering cables and connectors. Despite the growth of road transportation, rail services continue to play a key role in transport strategy.

The combination of mass-transit systems with cross-country services requires a flexible and capable rail network. The increasing urbanisation of many areas around the globe, along with the environmental impact of other forms of transport, means that rail will continue to be important, both locally and regionally. 

With this continued demand, operators around the world are working to increase the capacity of the system. This means that the rail industry often looks to cutting-edge technology to improve its performance.

Designers of transportation equipment frequently employ circular connectors which offer the best combination of mechanical strength and secure mating. The circular design and screw-thread locking allows the use of compression seals that provide superior protection against wind and rain. The circular O-ring that provides the mating seal is squeezed by the screw mating mechanism, providing secure protection against moisture ingress.



Designing systems for transportation applications requires connectors that provide high performance, even in the harshest conditions. The Buccaneer Circular Series delivers power, data and signal connections in the tough environments of trackside, roadside and vehicle applications. Talk to Bulgin to learn how the Buccaneer series can provide solutions for your next transportation design.

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