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Fiber Optic cables instead of copper cables - the advantages:

  • Since the signals are in the form of light (photons), the signals can travel longer distances without needing a signal boost.
  • The signals are less prone to electromagnetic interference.
  • The fiber optic cables are much stronger as compared to copper cables. At the same time, they are much lighter.
  • Fiber optic cables are easier to maintain as compared to copper cables. They also need maintenance less frequently and rarely need to be replaced once installed.
  • The speeds at which the signals can travel are extremely high.
  • It is very difficult to tamper with the data if it is transmitted over fiber cables.

With the advancement in fiber technology and the need for high-speed signal transmission, fiber optic transmission is being used extensively. But the reliability of the transmission over fiber cables also depends on the reliability of the connectors being used. Bulgin is a leading manufacturer of Circular Fiber Connectors  which are useful across various applications such as outdoor broadcast, marine, aviation, civil engineering, etc.


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