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Optical communication is one of the best solutions available for sending large amounts of information securely over long distances. Transmitting data as pulses of light over fibers thinner than human hairs, optical communication is far more efficient than its copper-based equivalent.

Fiber Optics for Harsh Environments.


Optical fibers are manufactured from glass, drawn into incredibly thin filaments. Unlike the resistance of copper cables, the superior clarity of the glass allows signals to travel long distances with little loss of data.

In addition, the transmission of signals along fiber is secure and is not affected by electromagnetic interference. To achieve this performance, however, optical fiber needs to be handled with care. The fibers are constructed in two layers, with the light travelling through the core by a process of total internal reflection. If the fiber is bent at too sharp an angle, signals will be lost within the fiber.

The connection points also need to be protected. Unlike electrical cable that simply needs a physical connection to transmit signals, joining two fibers together requires that they are aligned accurately. Contamination in the form of dirt or moisture between the two faces of the fibers will degrade or even prevent signals passing from one to the other. 

As a result, using fiber optics in field conditions requires that they are protected against the environment. As the mating faces of the fibers need to be clean and dry, connectors need to provide the same high level of protection as traditional copper connectors.



The Buccaneer Circular Connector family from Bulgin includes the latest 4000 and 6000 Series Fiber Optic Connectors. Providing the same IP68 sealing as the rest of the Buccaneer range, the 4000 and 6000 series use the popular LC fiber optic connector interface. Not only do they make terminating the connector easier, they also allow interface with existing fiber cables if needed.

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