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A Lasting Connection: Automotive, Smart Vehicle & EV

As a leading manufacturer of environmentally sealed connectors and components, Bulgin has helped countless customers across a range of industries ensure the reliable transfer of data and power.

Bulgin offers a range of interconnect solutions as well as value added capabilities, including full-service cable assemblies, wire harnesses, circuit boards, or enclosure assemblies.

In automotive, smart vehicle, and electric vehicle (EV) applications, the Bulgin team works together with clients to address the industry’s range of challenges.

Reliable Interconnect Solutions: Smart Vehicle & EV Applications


Unlike traditional gas-powered vehicles that operate on lower voltages, electric and smart vehicles require higher power to both help drive the wheels and make the vehicle move, as well as to power the security sensors and variety of vehicle interfaces.

As a result, these vehicles are often heavier, while still requiring safe, reliable power to the many intricate pieces of equipment.

Alongside these considerations, as technology progresses, designs are becoming more compact, increasingly complex, and more sensitive to EMI noise interference.

In-Line Connection for EV Charging

Bulgin has worked with several EV application projects, providing intermateable connectors for existing designs to ensure performance and reliability.

Early last year, a customer came to Bulgin hoping to find a robust in-line connection for residential use to connect their EV charging station to the grid. They needed to guarantee safe and reliable power for in-home vehicle charging.

The issue was, an unmated in-line connection would expose live contacts, creating a potential hazard– especially for children who may come near them or accidentally jam a conductor into the live contacts.

The Bulgin team identified the 900 series as a viable candidate for the project, but at that time, this design did not have a defensive mechanism to protect the live contacts. So, Bulgin designed a spring-loaded cap.

The part numbers used are the PXA911/04/P mating to the PXA921/04/S and its spring cap.Figure 1: The part numbers used are the PXA911/04/P mating to the PXA921/04/S and its spring cap.

Depending on the amount of power driving the application, the Bulgin team will dictate what type of shielding is to be incorporated into the connectors.

Bulgin has a variety of products suited to particular concerns, and Bulgin engineers are on call to ensure the highest possible quality and efficiency.

Durability & Reliability Come First

Bulgin prides itself on sourcing materials that will last the product’s full lifetime.

If a specific design involves exposure to abrasive chemicals or other unique concerns, Bulgin’s engineering team will work with you side-by-side to make material substitutions as needed and ensure the product you receive is fully compatible with its intended environment.

For instance, when the in-line connection was broken (or unmated) in this EV charging application, Bulgin’s design ensures the cap automatically engages, covering and protecting the live contacts while preventing any accidental hazards. See figure 1 for examples of this design.

Whether you need connectors ready to be used outdoors, in an EV charging station, underwater, or out in an agricultural field, rest assured that the integrity of Bulgin’s shields will be maintained.

The compounds and materials Bulgin utilizes within all products are rated for outdoor applications. Bulgin connectors meet UV standards to ensure that they can be applied out in the field without worry of cracking or eventual degradation of the connection.

Conclusion: Industry Standard Products, Bulgin Performance

In many instances, Bulgin’s smart vehicle and EV customers also come to the engineering team after a component fails. Bulgin’s products are built for plug-and-play usage, though they are also available to be fully customized when necessary.

A range of interminable and interchangeable connector options are available to maximize the ease of Bulgin’s cli­ents’ design teams.

The Bulgin team understands how to deal with harsh environments of smart vehicle and EV applications and ensure all materials con­form for these outdoor applications while maintaining electrical ratings.

If you would like to learn more about any of Bulgin’s products, interconnect solutions, or value added ser­vices, please contact Bulgin today.

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