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The connector market presents the designer with a highly complex product range. With such a huge variety of sizes, formats and capabilities, it is hard to imagine a situation in which a designer cannot find the right solution.

Custom Solutions.


Despite the extensive number of connectors out there, there will always be occasions on which the perfect option is not available, and the designer is faced with the choice of compromising their design or seeking a customised solution.

The idea of a custom product brings with it the fear of high costs and added complexity. However, there are many ways in which a connector can be customised to create a bespoke solution.

The modular nature of many connectors, including the Buccaneer circular family from Bulgin, means that a customised solution can be as simple as exchanging selected components.

Other solutions can be created with a small modification to a single component. For example, a cable connector can be extended to provide room for additional circuitry to be contained within. This can be achieved by customising a single component – the connector shell – and using standard components for all other parts.

In cases where a simple option is not available, the complexity of a customised connector can still be more achievable than at first it might appear, especially as the alternative might be a severely compromised design.



Bulgin has nearly a century of expertise in creating connectors, both standard and custom, for a wide range of applications and markets. Not only is Bulgin the market leader in the field of connectors for harsh environments, it also has considerable experience in creating customised cable assemblies.

The recently launched Custom Cable Assembly Builder is an online tool that allows customers to create a bespoke cable assembly according to their own specific requirements. Contact Bulgin to find out how a customised product could be the solution for your next design.

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