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The marine environment is very tough on equipment. The relentless pounding of waves, combined with the corrosive properties of seawater, present huge challenges for designers of deck-mounted equipment.

Connectors for Deck-Mounted Applications.


Modern technology allows ship builders to equip even the smallest craft with highly sophisticated equipment. Radar and vision systems as well as communication and navigation devices are routinely mounted to the exterior of boats and ships around the world. This means that sensitive electronics must be protected from exposure to the damaging marine environment.

Connectors are necessary to provide power, data and signal inputs for all of these devices.

Every connector is a potential weak point in the protective enclosure of deck-mounted equipment. It is therefore vital to understand the marine environment and the damage it can cause. 

Seawater is highly damaging to a wide range of metals. The salt content of seawater, along with bacterial action, means that metals in contact with seawater will corrode much faster than when exposed to fresh water. The salt spray caused by constant wave action is even more damaging. 

As a result, selecting components for deck-mounted applications means choosing the right materials. Buccaneer circular connectors from Bulgin are sealed to IP68, making them ideal for marine use. They are available with stainless steel shells which are at far less risk of damage caused by salt water than conventional connector materials. Their high tensile strength means that they can resist the pounding of high seas.



For applications where stainless steel is too heavy, or in sheltered locations not vulnerable to the impact of water, the Polyamide shells of Bulgin Connectors are an ideal choice. Unaffected by saltwater corrosion, these connectors are suitable for use on both large vessels and inshore crafts where high reliability and high performance can save lives.

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