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Our modern environment is filled with electromagnetic radiation. There are many sources of this radiation, from entertainment and communications to the unwanted emissions from faulty equipment and long cables. This is known as Radio Frequency Interference, shortened to RFI, sometimes also known as Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).


What is shielding and why do I need it?

Radio waves are part of a wide range of radiation that includes visible light, X-rays, and microwaves. This is the electromagnetic spectrum that spans a range of frequencies from very low to very high, with visible light forming just a small section in the centre.

This electromagnetic radiation is closely related to electrical signals. Electromagnetism has a direct effect on the operation of electronic systems. It can affect the transmission of data and signals along cables, and almost all devices that use electricity will create electromagnetic radiation as a natural by-product of their function.

Electronic devices need to work in this environment and resist electromagnetic interference, however it may be created. Some systems, including power or low-speed signals, may be less affected than the latest high-speed communications.

To protect these devices, designers provide them with shielding. Shielding takes the form of an electrically conductive covering that encloses the equipment, preventing radiation from getting in or out. Cables are often provided with a shield, usually a braided sleeve or foil layer just underneath the outer cover of the cable itself. For this shield to work, it needs to be connected to ground to allow the unwanted signals to be safely carried away.



Connectors often form a key part of the shielding, for which the shell of the connector needs to be manufactured from a conductive material. The Buccaneer Series of Circular Connectors are available with stainless steel shells, offering the ideal combination of mechanical strength and electrical shielding.

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