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Using electronics in harsh environments requires connectors that are protected against the elements. In order to help designers to choose the right components, manufacturers have adopted the international system known as IP ratings. IP stands for Ingress Protection, and the system provides a shorthand that helps engineers to understand the right choice for their design.


What are IP Ratings?

The IP rating is composed of two digits that describe the protection provided.

The first digit describes the size of the particles against which protection is provided. The highest rating is 6, which denotes protection against water. The second digit describes the level of protection provided. The most frequently used rating for connectors is IP67, which protects against everyday dust and grime. It also provides protection against limited immersion in water.

IP67-rated connectors are ideal for outdoor applications that are subjected to wind and rain, such as CCTV cameras mounted to buildings. However, for installations that require a higher performance, the IP68 rating provides protection against long-term immersion. Equipment destined for the military or agricultural industries provide excellent examples of this type of product.

Recent years have seen increased use of the newer IP69K classification. Products with the IP69K rating are protected against high-pressure spray, such as a those used to wash equipment after use. It has found many applications in the industrial arena, where machinery is subjected to aggressive cleaning processes. It also provides a solution for connectors in the transportation industries, where movement and harsh road conditions demand a high level of protection.



The key to choosing the correct IP rating is to understand the environment. If IP ratings are causing you headaches, you can rely on Bulgin connectors. With a complete range of products suitable for harsh environments, Bulgin is your partner for IP-rated solutions.

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