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The smart factory is a facility powered by the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT allows machines to share data gathered by a wide range of sources, from the demands of customers to the functioning of the machines themselves, to create a factory that is more adaptable and efficient. The connectivity between all layers of the business allows the factory to act as a single entity.

Connectors in the Smart Factory.


Many industries are adopting smart technology to improve their productivity. Beyond the traditional manufacturing environment, “smart factory” is a term that can be applied to a range of industries including logistics, distribution and power generation. The smart factory market is growing every year as more organisations benefit from this new technology. 

One of the key features of the smart factory is the deployment of sensors and computing power deployed into the factory. The factory floor is a tough environment, home to hazardous atmospheres, harsh chemicals and waste products.

The expansion of technology into industrial spaces requires increased protection for sensitive devices. Connectors that were normally only found in the office are now common on the factory floor. Data connectors form the backbone of almost all computer networks, but they are not robust enough for the industrial environment.

The Buccaneer Circular Connector family from Bulgin includes a range of products that allow common data connectors to be deployed into harsh environments. They combine the robust, sealed design of the Buccaneer series with common data connectors such as the USB and RJ45 families. By employing these standard interfaces, the Buccaneer Data connectors are highly versatile, allowing them to mate with standard, non-sealed cables if necessary.



The smart factory has huge potential to revolutionise many aspects of industry. Bulgin solutions allow you to adopt the latest technology, safe in the knowledge that your data connections can withstand the rigours of the industrial environment.

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