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The next decade will see major changes in the way that we consume energy in the quest for sustainability. For decades, consumers have played a passive role. Energy has been generated in large power stations, powered by coal, gas or nuclear. This energy is then fed into a network or grid to be distributed over high-tension power cables for use in homes and factories. 

Sustainable Energy.


The infrastructure associated with delivering energy in this way is costly. Miles of above-ground power lines are connected to substations that convert the energy into a usable voltage, all of which impose massive installation and maintenance requirements. Despite this, for many years, the conventional power grid has represented the most efficient method to provide power.

New technologies are changing the role of traditional energy infrastructure. With the global population predicted to approach 10 billion by the middle of the century, the appetite for energy will grow. At the same time, concerns over the environmental impact of fossil fuels have led to the search for new sources of power. 

Some of these new, alternative energy sources are now familiar. Wind farms are now an established part of the landscape in many parts of the world, with huge fields given over to photo-voltaic cells. Advances in microgeneration technology is enabling consumers to take active control of their own energy needs with small-scale alternatives.

These sources, known as distributed energy resources (DER), are small power plants which typically generate up to 10 megawatts. They include wind and solar, along with the latest innovations such as biomass-fueled power plants.



These power installations need connectors that work in tough conditions. Buccaneer Circular Connectors are ideal for the energy sector, offering sealing to IP68 with current ratings of up to 225 Amps at 1250 V AC RMS in the new 9000 Series. Visit Bulgin.com to find solutions for your sustainable energy needs.

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